Hey kids! You’ll quickly notice that there are no pictures in these books, just blank pages where pictures are supposed to be. That’s because kids always do a better job at imagining stories than adults. So, in these books, you get to draw all the pictures YOURSELF! 

When you're done, get your parents to scan and email them to me. Be sure to include your name and age. We'll post the best ones right here on our website! 

Daisy Mermaid and the Shipwreck

If you don't believe in mermaids, you've obviously never heard of the bravest, smartest, and most heroic mermaid in the whole ocean. Her name is Daisy, and her stories are simply astounding. 

In this adventure, Daisy hears a cry for help deep within a sinking ship. But can she rescue everyone before the sea swallows them up?! 

Princess Telsa and the Ogre

Princess Telsa is fast, smart, and sassy. Nobody tells her what to do and nobody gets away with being mean, not while she's around. 

In this adventure, a nasty ogre is terrorizing travelers, and one day it goes too far. Will Telsa outsmart him? Or will she get gobbled up like all the others who came before her? 

Spaceman Bren and the Slime Monster

Spaceman Bren is the best bad-guy beater in the whole galaxy. 

In this adventure, Spaceman Bren and his monkey sidekick Astro must think quickly to save the Frog people of Planet Zorg from the evil slime monster. Will they defeat him in time? Or will they get gobbled up by a MONSTROUS PILE OF SNOT?!

Spaceman Bren and the Planet of Apes

Spaceman Bren flies to a mysterious planet covered in jungle. He goes there all alone, looking for lost treasure, but what he finds is a deadly civilization of apes! Will he make it out alive?! Or will he need help... 

Spaceman Bren on Spider Planet

Spaceman Bren lands on a barren planet in search of food. But soon the hunter becomes the hunted! Will Bren and his monkey sidekick Astro escape?! Or Will they become lunch for a million deadly alien spiders?! 


Rory the Knight stories are full of dangerous adventures that are too scary for anyone except the bravest children. Blood and guts involved, so no little kids allowed. You should probably read this with your dad or grandpa, because your mother definitely would not want you reading about: inky squid blood, deadly grumpy alligators, or anacondas gobbling up other animals! 

 [Recommended ages: 5-9] 

Rory the Knight and the Giant Squid!

A massive sea monster attacks Rory's ship and our hero must think quick and act bravely or he and all his friends will be destroyed!

Rory the Knight and Anaconda

A giant snake swims over to Rory's treasure island. Rory must find a way to defeat the monstrous anaconda or he and all his friends will be eaten! 

Rory the Knight and Grizzlies

Rory is exploring the Rocky Mountains when he chases after a fox. However, he soon finds himself being chased by a much more deadly animal! 

Rory the Knight and the Grumpy Old Alligator

Rory and his friends are attacked in the night by a giant alligator! Will Rory escape or will he become an alligator's supper?!