Sleep training a baby is absolute torture for a mother, simply because she cannot ignore the cry of her children. Just like God. 

February 2023

Length: Medium, 1017 words

Crucifixion would be a nasty way to die, and yet this is exactly what we experienced through Jesus and what he tells us to do to ourselves. 

January 2023

Length: Long, 2614 words

How a lighthearted chat with Dad about dirt biking turned into godly advice for life. 

September 2022

Length: Long, 2075 words

An exploration of the greatest regret believers will have at the end of their lives. 

July 2022

Length: Medium, 1802 words

How one of the smartest creatures on earth illustrates one of the most important principles in the Bible.

July 2022

Length: Medium, 1616 words

Just one little act of rebellion can have devastating consequences, not just for you but for those you love.

May 2022

Length: Medium, 1647 words

Ever wonder how your children see you? Just ask them to draw a picture. You may be surprised by the pedestal they put you on, and it should serve as inspiration to try to live up to their superhero image of you. 

January 2022

Length: Short, 659 words

God is the Great Physician. But what type? Well, there's only one specialty that holds the market on "the breath of life" and so skillfully "directs the heart where he wants it to go".

June 2021

Length: Short, 628 words

Exposing ourselves to sunlight every day resets our internal clock and regulates our organ systems. We need the Light of Jesus the same way.

May 2021

Length: Short, 702 words

Grandma had some gorgeous old dishes, and they were the perfect example of what holiness is all about. 

May 2021

Length: Medium, 1094 words

Our failure to act when we see evil happening is just as much a sin as the evil itself.

May 2021

Length: Medium, 1316 words

Why do we get embarrassed when "Jesus" gets mentioned in our daily lives? Perhaps it's time to be less shy about someone who means so much to us.

April 2021

Length: Medium, 1184 words

"Honey, where's the ketchup?" Sometimes we need a little help seeing what's right in front of our face.

March 2021

Length: Short, 720 words

A Bible is a nice gift, but there's a lot more to sharing the gospel than just handing someone the Word of God. The unsaved need help understanding it, and it starts with your own story. 

January 2021

Length: Medium, 1230 words

Men fear it, children cower before it, and every woman knows how to use it. What’s more, this all-powerful weapon of mothers worldwide may have a biblical basis for wielding it.

November 2020

Length: Short, 884 words

A reflection on a tragic story of drug addiction that hit close to home. 

November 2020

Length: Medium, 1007 words

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints often aren't accepted by mainstream Christians because of the differences in their doctrine. But the way they live out their faith has impressed me thoroughly time and again.

October 2020

Length: Short, 847 words

A satirical (yet surprisingly truthful) biblical exposition of the evilest food ever made.

September 2020

Length: Short, 912 words

A story of pain... and hope.

September 2020

Length: Short, 882 words

How old is the Earth? Thousands of years (like the Bible says)? Or billions (like geologists say)? Maybe both could be correct.

July 2020

Length: Medium, 1233 words

Could the Covid shutdown have a silver lining? Perhaps we should view it as a massive, mandatory Sabbath.

March 2020

Length: Short, 817 words

Nobody really wants to be meek, mostly because it seems so lame. But Jesus was meek and he was anything but lame. So maybe we don't really know what it's all about. Until now. 

December 2019

Length: Long, 2300 words