"Let's Be Real..." (series)


Let's be real... birth control is complicated. 


In Birth Control for Christians, we'll make it simple - the science, the ethics, the Bible, the various methods, and even a bit about reproductive technology. We'll give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your partner - and your conscience - so you can get back to what matters most.


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The Story of Jesus - Second Edition

SOJ Cover, 2nd Ed (SB) 8 (cover).jpg
SOJ Cover (JTW) 2nd Ed 2 (cover).jpg

Completely redesigned. Fully updated. 

You've never read the Bible like this: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all combined into one complete story of Jesus' life. Not one detail missing, not one word extra.


Two versions available: 

Study Bible - Packed with footnotes, maps, and cross references to make it all come alive. 

Just The Word - Jesus' story alone, without any extra information

SECOND EDITION: It's just all round better.


Never The Same: Twelve Lives Changed By Jesus

Everyone has a story. Even people from the Bible had a life that was business-as-usual. That is, until they met Jesus.
Listen as:
- Peter describes what a story sea feels like beneath his feet
- Levi explains to his tax collector father why he's not coming home
- Lazarus recounts waking up in a tomb, wrapped in graveclothes
- Jairus watches his lifeless daughter start breathing again
On thing we can be certain: nobody meets Jesus and is ever the same.

The Story of Jesus: All Four Gospels In One

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SOJ Cover (JTW) 6.jpg
The original edition that started it all.
Four gospels blended into one chronological account.
Not one detail missing, not one word extra.
Packed with sidebars to make it all come alive.
The Story of Jesus. Read his life. Understand his life.
Live his life.