Rushing into the hospital, I came face to face with my soot-covered hero. But that 58-year-old woman is everything we should all aspire to be. 

April 2024

Length: Medium, 1193 words

Got a phone problem? A few tips can make you less of a screen zombie and more of a living, breathing human being.

February 2024

Length: Medium, 1274 words

No city boys were harmed in the writing of this article. But someone caught an ice-cold staredown from a hot-blooded woman when he foolishly asked what’s so great about Garth Brooks.

October 2023

Length: Medium, 1178 words

Some people are good at riding waves. Others... not so much.

June 2023

Length: Medium, 1806 words

If anyone can guess the correct answer to these, I'll send them a free book.

March 2023

Length: Very short, 143 words

If you ride a motorcycle, there are some rules you've got to understand before hitting the road, specifically about the ultra-exclusive, super cool Motorcycle Wave. 

March 2023

Length: Medium, 1807 words

Most of us are familiar with the burden of mental health disorders, but the same minds they trouble may also have the potential for greatness. 

February 2023

Length: Long, 2599 words

Botox is great to help you look younger, but could it have detrimental consequences to the development of your children? 

February 2022

Length: Short, 946 words

A woman's mind is a mysterious thing - undiscernible, yet beautiful through and through. 

March 2021

Length: Short, 338 words

Dr Ryen conducts an in-depth investigation into improving the morale of the most Covid-strained health care workers. The results could revolutionize hospitals worldwide. 

February 2021

Length: Medium, 1415 words

A poetic tribute to mothers everywhere (and everything they have to deal with). 

December 2019

Length: Short, 613 words

Stories from the medical front lines: a front row seat to the devastation left behind by suicide. 

November 2019

Length: Medium, 1158 words