Mountains, Mustard and Everything in Between

Don’t be fooled by the cover. There’s nothing flowery about faith. The mustard plant (did you recognize it?) shows us many things about faith, specifically how little we know about how it works in the Bible and in real life. We often pray and act in faith, but what we're so sure of doesn't always happen. Is the Bible wrong? Of course not. Rather, it's our understanding that's the problem.  

Let's change all that, shall we? Come discover what faith really is. We'll journey from frigid Canadian ski trails to a sweltering Cambodian prison, meeting a repentant murderer along the way. We'll explore the science of epidurals in labor, ancient botany, and the topography of the tallest mountains on earth. We'll also take a fresh look at Jesus' treasure hidden in a field, Abraham's near-sacrifice of his son, and Peter's famous walk on water. All the while we'll hear personal stories of heart-breaking loss, of prayer requests both granted and denied.

This book is where the Bible meets common sense, where theology meets the nitty-gritty of real life. From mountains to mustard and everything in between, come explore what faith  is all about.

It's not what you think... it's what you know.