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Rushing into the hospital, I came face to face with my soot-covered hero. But that 58-year-old woman is everything we should all aspire to be. 

If you ride a motorcycle, there are some rules you've got to understand before hitting the road, specifically about the ultra-exclusive, super cool Motorcycle Wave. 

Three great prophets met during the Transfiguration, but why them? And why not others? It all has to do with the uncanny similarities in their lives.

The Levirate law stated that a deceased man's next oldest brother was required to marry his widow so she could bear a son in the name of her dead husband. 

Theresa thinks her baby has a tongue tie but is nervous about getting it "clipped". 

The one thing the world needs more of is Jesus, especially in worship music. 


Woman (and Man)

Let's be real: being a woman isn't easy. Neither is understanding them. If we only realized how God saw us, it would save us all a lifetime of trouble. Women are strong, resilient, beautiful, “very good,” and capable of anything they set their minds to. The two genders perfectly compliment each other and are equally  essential to God’s purposes here on earth.

The Story of Jesus

You've never read the Bible like this: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all combined into one complete chronological story of Jesus' life. Not one detail missing, not one word extra. Packed with footnotes, maps, and cross references to make it all come alive.  

Rory the Knight and the Grizzlies

Rory the Knight stories are full of dangerous adventures that are too scary for anyone except the bravest children. Blood and guts involved, so no little kids allowed. You should probably read this with your dad or grandpa, because your mother definitely would not want you reading about: inky squid blood, deadly grumpy alligators, or anacondas gobbling up other animals! 

Rory is exploring the Rocky Mountains when he chases after a fox. However, he soon finds himself being chased by a much more deadly animal!