Your Drawings!

Check out these homemade drawings from real kids just like you! Just like it says on the last page of all our kids' books, get your parents to send in a pic of your drawings of Rory the Knight, Spaceman Bren, Princess Telsa, and Daisy Mermaid. Maybe you'll see your own drawings here soon!

Rory the Knight

Warning: Rory the Knight stories are full of dangerous adventures that are too scary for anyone except the bravest kids. No little children allowed. You should probably read this with your dad or grandpa, because your mother would definitely not want you reading about oily squid blood, deadly grumpy alligators, hungry anacondas, or shooting a wolf with a rocket!

Spaceman Bren

Attention: Calling All Space Cadets!
Spaceman Bren is the best bad-guy beater in the whole galaxy. These are the legendary stories of how he defeats evil monsters and rescues space citizens everywhere!

Princess Telsa

Princess Telsa is fast, smart, and sassy. Nobody tells her what to do and nobody gets away with being mean, not while she's around.

Daisy Mermaid

If you don't believe in mermaids, you've obviously never heard of the bravest, smartest, and most heroic mermaid in the whole ocean. Her name is Daisy, and her stories are simply astounding.

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Rory, 10